Top of the line Training. It’s more than just a training facility. Its a community of like minded individuals who want to better their selves mentally, emotionally, and physically. I recommend it to anyone.

Thato Dadson

As someone who’s been training with MVJ for a number of years I can say that the quality of the system and the instructors is second to none. Aside from my own personal development I’ve witnessed people come in who couldn’t do 5 push ups put on the gloves and become title holders.

Boxing, Kickboxing, self defense, and athletic training; this place has it all.

Alex Urbanik

I just wanted to share my personal expierence MVJ. Attending his self defense class for the first time I was’nt intimidated by others. Everyone made my visit there very comfortable. .The instructor was kind and curtious and VERY professional. I want to personally thank Greg Pritchett for showing me the proper techniques indefending myself in the event of an attacker. I hope that I never have to use this However in the event..I WILL BE READY ! I strongly suggest everyone ( men, women and children ) to attend his self defense class. The price was very affordable .Well worth the peace of mind.

Ana Maldonado