Modern Vee-Jitsu Athletics

Modern Vee-Jitsu Athletics (M.V.J.A.) is an integrated training system designed specifically for athletes who want a systematic plan for achieving their individual goals. This unique athletic training system combines the discipline of the martial arts and the explosive methods of plyometrics training. The benefit of this combined training method gives an athlete the ability to develop focus, coordination, explosive power, speed and agility. Each M.V.J.A. program is tailor-made for the athlete and focuses on strengthening the deficient aspects of their skill set. The days of the standard training program are gone. Our total approach to athletic training is guaranteed to take your athletic performance to a higher level.

The Modern Vee-Jitsu Athletics Program Will Help You To:

Increase your speed and agility
Develop explosive power
Gain confidence
Improve and endurance and breathing through aerobic exercise
Incorporate stretching into your training program
Set up a high protein, low carbohydrate diet to fuel your workout