As someone who has been training in Chinese Martial arts for over 13 years I really enjoy training at MVJ. The instructors are knowledgeable in various styles of martial arts and use that knowledge to tailor your training to what works best for you and what’s going to help you the most in the ring. The students and staff are like one big family, everyone focused on helping each other better themselves and better their training and I definitely recommend coming here!

Evangelina G

Mvj Athletics is the place to be. Great instruction, amazing workouts & just an overall awesome atmosphere. way more then just punching & kicking there’s structure to the classes great variety of different programs to choose from. Has helped me reach many goals. Couldn’t be happier, I also had friends join & recently started bringing my brother with me as well who also loves it.

Zak Kelly

I have been training with MVJ athletics for 2+ years and I can honestly say its second to none- the Instructors which are real fighting champions themselves give 110% to all students. Head Instructor Greg Pritchett has developed a unique program where one can learn self defense, boxing, kung-fu jujitsu and various other fighting techniques, also one huge difference in MVJ training which sets us aside from others is the incredible conditioning aspect which is implemented into all programs. MVJ athletics is the real deal, if you are truly looking for the know how to defend yourself in the street or become a Champion in the ring- look no further — MVJ athletics

Musa Bashir