Modern Vee Jitsu (1-24) Fighting Style

The Roots of the “Vee Jitsu System of Systems” rests with the development of Modern Vee Jitsu. Modern Vee Jitsu is the classical style of Vee Jitsu that was taught exclusively by Supreme Grand Master Florendo Visitacion in the 1950’s.

The Modern Vee Jitsu fighting system has both an external and internal component. The external component conditions the body, develops physical power and takes the outward manifestations of strength. The internal component develops inward body functions (such as breathing), intuitive response, concentration and strength of will. In combination these two components form the yielding and flowing style of Modern Vee Jitsu. This fighting style is the progenitor of all the fighting systems developed by Supreme Grand Master Florendo Visitacion.

CW Post College Modern Vee Jitsu Club

In the spring of 1979 after over a decade of training with Supreme Grand Master Florendo Visitacion, Master Ken Brown requested permission to establish the C.W. Post Modern Vee Jitsu Club. That request was granted. Grand Master Florendo Visitacion, in conjunction with Master Ken Brown, began to formulate what is now known as the C.W. Post College Modern Vee Jitsu Club academic curriculum.

Professor Brown, under the guidance of Grand Master Vee, taught a comprehensive training program of lethal and non-lethal application of force. The course was taught 3 hours per day, five days a week for 4 years. This course included the following, Anatomical Resistance Maneuvers (A.R.M.). This aspect of the curriculum taught stabilization of the combatant with the use of wrist, arm, and shoulder control techniques. These techniques are non lethal but very effective in close quarters.

The second part of the course Digital Anatomic Manipulation (D.A.M.) involved controlling an adversary using pressure on finger joints. The strategy is unique for defense against larger opponents.

The final aspect of the course prior to graduation was Multiple Attack Defenses (M.A.D.). This was an advanced course that stressed the lethal use and application of Modern Vee Jitsu techniques, no holds barred. This course also included the use of all the Modern Vee Jitsu weapons disciplines, firearms, knife, and stick techniques.

Over the next Twenty-six years the Modern Vee Jitsu Club has expanded its teaching (under the direct tutelage of Supreme Grand Master Florendo Visitacion) to include several of the Vee Jitsu System of Systems martial arts, Vee Jitsu – Ju Jitsu, Vee Jitsu Te, and Vee Arnis Jitsu.

CW Post College Modern Vee Jitsu Club Post Professor Vee

The Modern Vee Jitsu Membership has over 500 members and supporters in five different states. The members consist of medical professionals, law enforcement officials, attorneys, and teachers. Over the last two decades the Modern Vee Jitsu club has developed into a martial arts powerhouse and an intellectual learning center.

The president of the Modern Vee Jitsu Club is Dr. Robert Evans (Medical Doctor) Grand Master and the appointed Heir of “The Modern Vee Jitsu System”. Dr. Evans has proven to be a person of high integrity and vast knowledge.  The Modern Vee Jitsu philosophy has had a profound influence on his life.

Dr. Evans has over 30 years of exclusive Vee Jitsu training under the direct guidance of Supreme Grand Master Florendo Visitacion and Professor Ken Brown. He is an original member of the C.W. Post College Modern Vee Jitsu Club (1979). Dr. Evans (also known and Professor Evans) has played a major role in the development of the Modern Vee Jitsu System in its present scientific form. “The Modern Vee Jitsu Fighting System is geared towards the anatomical destruction and malfunction of the human anatomy”, says Dr. Evans, “We follow the true and unadulterated philosophy of the Supreme Grand master Florendo Visitacion.

We read what he has read, and we teach what he has taught. Variations to his teaching are not necessary: it will take another hundred years before we need to consider any changes. Modern Vee Jitsu is not a mixed martial art. It’s an intensely studied scientifically refined system.”

Vee Jitsu Heirs

  • Senior Grandmaster Professor Robert Evans — Modern Vee Jitsu / Jiu Jitsu
  • Grandmaster Professor Frank Edwards Sr. — Vee Jitsu 75 and Vee Arnis 75
  • Grandmaster Professor Shihan Edwards Jr. — Vee Jitsu 75 and Vee Arnis 75
  • Grandmaster Professor Robert Torres — Visitacion Kun-Tao Arnis, Vee Jitsu Te
  • Grandmaster Professor Dave James — Vee Arnis Jitsu
  • Grandmaster Professor Danny Paulo — Vee-Do-Kwan

* By order of Professor Vee March 7th 1995