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10 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Train at MVJ Training Facilities


You-SHOULDNT-Box-at-MVJHere’s ten reasons why you SHOULDN’T train at MVJ Training Facilities. You don’t want to miss this.

1. Weight Loss:

Why would you want to look fit, feel good, and have a healthier view on yourself and your life’s longevity? MVJ focuses on setting goals geared toward each student’s health, fitness, and well-being with experts on staff to help you accomplish things you didn’t think were possible.

2. Self Defense:

Not many people know this (sarcasm), but we live in a world where a horrible human being will attack anyone at anytime, anywhere. Why would you not want to learn how to protect yourself? If your own self-protection isn’t enough, how about protecting yourself as well as your family/loved ones in a time of physical struggle? Isn’t that reason enough?

3. Energy:

Most people drag early upon waking up, and crash throughout the day. Doesn’t it seem enlightening to have an outlet to maintain your bodies health, which in turn will keep it actively and properly functioning? MVJ workouts are meant to keep the human body in peak shape, which in turn will inevitably increase your energy levels as you progress.

4. Competition:

Not EVERY MVJ athlete needs to be a competition fighter. However, for fighters interested, MVJ’s boxing training regimen breaks down the human anatomy to further a fighter’s knowledge and physically break down their opponent. With that, MVJ conditions each fighter specifically to their strengths, improves weaknesses, and pushes each fighter to the limit while training to make the fight that much easier. MVJ trains the elite of the elite to prepare mentally and physically for war inside the ring and out. MVJ training facilities is most dedicated to self-growth and have the best intentions for every student that walks inside the facility doors.

5. Best Instruction/Training Partners Around:

MVJ offers top notch instruction under the tutelage of Professor Greg Pritchett Jr. His accolades in all aspects of Martial Arts surpass his years invested. He is a hard worker, a quick learner and dedicated to instill his knowledge in his students. He has successfully competed in Muay Thai, Boxing, Sambo, BJJ, and many other arts. Some of his many accolades are,

  • Amateur boxing record: 15-0 (9 KO’s)
  • Amateur Muay Thai record: 20-1 (13 KO’s)
  • Amateur Kickboxing record: 17-4 (4 KO’s)
  • Amateur Sanshou: 11-4 (3 KO’s)
  • Professional Sanshou: 4-0 (1 KO)

Some other accomplished trainers and fighters whom are MVJ affiliates are Master David Bonilla whom is well accomplished inside the ring and out with his years and dedication to furthering his martial arts growth, as well as his students. Master David assists with all teachings in the school and is former I.B.F Promotions 153lb K1 champion. Greg “GP3” Pritchett III whom is Professor Pritchett’s son, and also a co-instructor at MVJ. Pritchett III, an undefeated fighter, spends his time teaching and training at MVJ when he isn’t in school. Pritchett III is also the 2012 WKA 147lb K1 world champion. Professional boxers Kamarah “Black Magic” Pasley and David “One-Two” Murray also play a staple in the school helping out the amateur boxers, and sharing years of wisdom to students throughout the school.

6. Confidence:

Everyone likes looking in the mirror and liking what they see. Not just physically, but the mentality of knowing you’re accomplished. You’re apart of something great. Confidence is essential in being happy with yourself. On the flip side, imagine walking down the street with your family, friends, or loved ones. This world isn’t perfect (as we know), and not everyone has your best interest at heart. Bad things DO happen to good people in every day scenarios. Why be a statistic to every day violence due to ignorance? For the sake of returning home safely to your family, MVJ will instill self-confidence as well as the skills to maintain safety in the ring as well as the streets.

7. Age Doesn’t Matter:

MVJ offers multiple classes for all ages. At MVJ, we train from the bottom to the top. Children, amateur fighters, elderly, individuals looking to increase awareness in self defense, people looking to get in shape, pro fighters. You name it, MVJ will make sure to fulfill any and all needs of each students based on their individual needs.

8. Family Atmosphere:

Need a place to get in shape as well as spend time with your family? What better option than box alongside of your family/friends and build a new gym family in the process? MVJ is a close knit family that involves many families whom train side by side improving quality family time, building new relationships while learning, bettering their conditioning and getting in shape.

9. Structure/Discipline:

Not only children need structure and discipline in their life. Adults can use a little help at times, also. Training with MVJ gives every student, be it child or adult a sense of accomplishment. Being able to abide by a strict workout regimen and stick with it is a feeling that is difficult to word. Every student is different and has their own sense of pride upon completing a class, sparring session, or fight. Point blank, being disciplined in a structured environment is a key factor to self-worth, success, taking pride in setting goals and seeing them through.

10. Fun:

Oh, yeah! Let’s not forget about having fun in a positive atmosphere! Why would getting in shape and having fun in the process be appealing to anyone? Sure, it’s hard work and dedication, but in a structured and fun environment? Sounds like a phenomenal concept to me…